IP Surveillance & CCTV

////IP Surveillance & CCTV

Contact Agreement

  • You will have to sign a SLA after before deliver the software in server.
  • You will have to sign NOC after work done.
  • Price will depend on the product quality, brand, model number, features and origin.
  • 50% in advance payment other packages, rest of the payment after work done.
  • Payment can be made by cross cheque, pay order or cash.
  • We will refund your advance payment, if you notice us within 24 hours.
  • Once will supply product on project station, we will not refund.

Warranty Terms

  • If product is found broken, warranty will not be covered.
  • Packet or cover should be preserved till warranty period.
  • Money receipt or cash memo should be kept to claim warranty.
  • Warranty will not be given for accessories product like adapter, electric switch etc.
  • We will give you the service warranty depends on project.

Service Level Agreement

    • The number of months/year of free service will depend on your project.
    • Client will have to pay for accessories in free service period.
    • Free service will not be covered if cable is found disconnected intentionally.
    • Our support team/team member will give you support as soon as possible, depends on destination.
    • You will have to send products with necessary documents for warranty.
  • Do not install low quality camera to secure your valuable property.
  • Many types of camera are available in electronic market.
  • Though all cameras do same duty but quality of duty is not same. High quality camera will take high price.
  • You have to connect the internet to watch live the live video both: NVR/DVR and you mobile or other device.
  • Network switch, mount rack, and other devices can make strong your security surveillance project.
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(ClosedĀ CircuitĀ TV) A self-contained surveillance system comprising cameras, recorders and displays for monitoring activities in a store or company. Earlier analog CCTV systems used VHS tape; either a single VCR for each camera, a “quad VCR” that recorded four low-res images or a time-lapse recorder that handled multiple cameras. Subsequently, specialized digital video recorders (DVRs) with multiple analog inputs superseded VHS tape machines.

IP Surveillance & CCTV

We Provide

  • Minimum Quantity should be 8 Pcs camera.
  • One year free support
  • One year Product Warranty
  • Same Brand NVR/DVR

Brand that we prefer to install for Bullet/Dome Camera