Diagnostic Management Software

///Diagnostic Management Software


  • Installation Charge


  • Installation Charge

ERP Software

  • Installation Charge
Monthly Maintenance Charge (MMC) 2000/-
Technology Dekstop Based
Multiple User Yes
OS support Windows 7-10
Pathology Software Yes
Reception Module Yes
SMS Integrated Yes
Admin Panel Yes
Monthly Maintenance Charge (MMC) 3500/-
All modules with accounting and time attendance machine integrated. Yes
Report View Online (hosting charge applied) Yes
Yearly Online Hosting Charge for website 10,000/-
Website (4 page) Yes
Domain & Hosting Charge for website 3500/- yearly
1 Time Attendance Machine Free
SMS Integrated Yes
Admin Panel Yes
Monthly Maintenance Charge (MMC) 5000/-
5 modules including accounting and duty rooster integrated. Yes
Report View Online (hosting charge applied) Yes
Yearly Online Hosting Charge No
Domain Hosting Charge for website 3500/- Yearly
Website (4 page) Yes
1 Time Attendance Machine Free
Admin & Dashboard Yes
SMS Integrated Yes

Contact Agreement

  • Client will have to supply all related documents, sample statement, company logo, admin requirements, management statements, and other requirements within 5 working days.
  • If you will not take delivery after final notice from us, your advance will be cancelled.
  • We will ask the responsible person’s name from your org. to hand over the software.
  • We will ask to bring your server PC at our LAB to installation or creation the environment for the software.
  • You will have to sign a SLA after before deliver the software in server.
  • You will have to sign NOC after work done.
  • Yearly hosting charge for online report view is 10,000/-
  • Price will depend on the package
  • 70% advance payment is applied for Standard Package.
  • 50% in advance payment, rest of the payment after work done.
  • Payment can be made by cross cheque, pay order or cash.
  • We do not make any refund.

Software Handover Policy

  • We train your staffs or enlisted employees.
  • We will show all option to your recommended officer or authorized person.
  • Our team/team member will print all report in front of your authorized person.
  • We will supply all ID and password.
  • Some bugs can be seen in beta version; our expert will fix the problem and make the software bug free as soon as possible.
  • Beta version time is maximum one month but users have to continue use the software.

Service Level Agreement

  • The MMC/AMC covers:
    • If you will face any high prior problem, the support team/engineer will visit your work station.
    • We are responsible to give technical support and suggestion for the software in any time.
    • We generally give support for
      • No showing data,
      • does not take input,
      • Not working any existing button or option etc.
      • Design change like color, background image etc.
      • Intregation Problem with hardware devices like bar code machin.
      • Software Mannual supply.
  • MMC/AMC Payment System:
    • MMC have to be paid first week of every month.
    • Overdue invoice will be a cause of interruption in taking service/support from us.
    • Yearly hosting prepaid charge for online report view is 10,000/-
  •  General:
    • Zencon Technology Limited will be responsible for any sort of change in the software at any point of time within the agreement period.
    • ZTL will be responsible only for software system not for any misunderstanding with the user for wrong result/information or report.
    • Zencon Technology Limited has the right to refuse any kind of demand from the customer, which is not included in its service line.
    • Since the desktop based application is developed for the general using purposes at (Your Name), ZTL will not make any change which is contradiction of general operational flow for all users.
    • If second party will lose data for the hardware device crash or any damage, ZTL will not take any responsibility to recover the data.
    • Extra charge will be applicable for training after free training period.
    • If you will extend the software any time or add extra module or develop any point in the software, you will have to be paid.
    • Terms and conditions may change upon the consent of both the parties.


You can manage one or more user with different types of role with DMS


We provide many types of Invoice Print facility

SMS Send

We offer SMS Send facility


We provide many types of Reports/Print facility with PMS


Patient Entry Old Patient View
Invoice Print Welcome SMS Sending Option
Due Collection Edit Patient Profile
Patient Searching Option Quick Referer/Doc entry
Group wise test/investigation entry Code wise searching system
(Group wise %) Auto referral fee Diagnostic and Referer separate discount option.
User wise daily collection report All user daily and date wise collection report.
Accounting Integrated  (if required/Provision) Inventory Integrated  (if required/Provision)
Hospital Integrated  (if required/Provision)
Referer fee summary view and print (date wise) Referer fee Details view and print (date wise)
Doctor/Referer List Pathology Module
Auto SMS system setup from pathology. (if required) User Management System
User Tracking System User wise discount tracking
Discount in % or amount Discount Sealing