Email marketing


Corporate Email Marketing
(5 Lac)
3 Days 13,000 Taka
VIP Persons Package
(5.25 Lac+ Email)
4 Days 20,000 Taka
Regular Email Marketing
(10 Lac+ Email)
6 Days 25,000 Taka
E-commerce Package
(2.6 Lac+ email)
3 Days 15,000 Taka
Garments/Buyer Package
(20,000+ Email)
1 day 15,000 Taka
Corporate Area: 5,00,000+ Email Address
Covered Area: Corporate employer, CTO, CEO, Managing director, Club members
VIP Area: VIP from different government sector’s email address are available. Total database 30,000+ email.
Regular Area: Student and Corporate employee. -Total 10,00,000+ email
E-commerce Area: Total 12,000+ seller & 2,50,000+ buyer’s email list from different ecommerce company/website
International Buyer: Total 22,000 email address of buyers from different countries who purchase garment products from Bangladesh & other countries.
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