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System Software

System application is online/offline software that we develop as client requirement from first to ending point. Our team or developer/ designer/ system analyst will do feasibility study at your office/ factory or workstation to design the software especially for your business. They will discuss your managers and related officers; collect all necessary documents, management information and requirement to build a database structure.

  • Client will have to supply all related documents, sample statement, confidential things, software process, admin requirements, management statements, and other requirements within 5 working days.
  • Our team/team member/developer will visit your work station for system study and make a software data flow process (if applicable). Your officials/management will have to cooperate with them.
  • Since your software will be a system application, you can change your flow at any point during developing time; after signing contract agreement. But you will have to make extra payment for any major change.
  • You will have to supply the responsible members/officials/name of the project director from your hand who will certify our work. The name or list will be attaches with work order. We will take work completion certificate from him and mark that the project is finish
  • Domain and windows hosting (crystal report supported) will require for the online application. However, LAN (local area network) can require for desktop based application or offline software (for multi user).
  • Yearly domain and hosting renew charge is applicable.
  • This is noticed that we do not mention the LAN installation charges/hardware price at our software quotation. If you ask we can make a quotation for LAN installation.
  • Monthly Maintenance Charge (MMC) or Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) is applied, depends on your application.
  • You will have to pay for system study. We will supply full documentation and price quotation or financial and technical proposal; no matter where you will place your order.
  • If your system or sample is ready and have an example drawn in XL or word file, and you think that total system can be built by following your documents, you can avoid the paid feasibility or system study terms.
  • We do not make any refund.
  • Total financial and technical proposal is submitted after feasibility or system study. How much cost will require depends on your software process and integration.
  • We accept two types of payment schedule: 1) 50% in advance and rest of the payment after work done; 2) installment or schedule payment system depends on working progress. Which payment procedure will be applicable for you depends on your volume of amount.
  • Payment can be made by cross cheque, pay order or cash.
  • The MMC/AMC covers:
    1. If you will face any high prior problem, the support team/engineer will visit your work station.
    2. We are responsible to give technical support and suggestion for the software in any time.
    3. We generally give support for
      • No showing data,
      • does not take input,
      • Not working any existing button or option etc.
      • Design change like color, background image etc.
      • Intregation Problem with hardware devices like bar code machin.
      • Software Mannual supply.
  • MMC/AMC Payment System:
    1. You will have to pay first week every month, if you are applied for MMC.
    2. If you are applied AMC, you will have to clear all charges before last payment date on SLA.
    3. Overdue invoice will be a cause of interruption in taking service/support from us.
  • General:
    1. Zencon Technology Limited will be responsible for any sort of change in the software at any point of time within the agreement period.
    2. ZTL will be responsible only for software system not for any misunderstanding with the user for wrong result/information or report.
    3. Zencon Technology Limited has the right to refuse any kind of demand from the customer, which is not included in its service line.
    4. Since the desktop based application is developed for the general using purposes at (Your Name), ZTL will not make any change which is contradiction of general operational flow for all users.
    5. If second party will lose data for the hardware device crash or any damage, ZTL will not take any responsibility to recover the data.
    6. Extra charge will be applicable for training after free training period.
    7. If you will extend the software any time or add extra module or develop any point in the software, you will have to be paid.
    8. Terms and conditions may change upon the consent of both the parties.