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Domain Yes
Linux hosting 1 GB Yes
Web pages 4 Page
Free technical service 1 year
Admin Panel Yes
Cpanel No
Graphic Design 3 JPEG
Yearly hosting renew 2000-
On time Delivery Yes
CMS Support No
Domain Yes
hosting 1 GB Yes
High Server Speed Yes
Per web page 2000/-
Free service 1 year
Admin Panel Yes
Cpanel Yes
Graphic Design As requirement
Company Logo Design Yes
Content writing Yes
Yearly hosting renew 2000/-
AMC Negotiable
Content update(As per notification) Yes
Non disclosure Agreement Yes
CMS Support Yes
  • We accept cross check, pay order or cash. Client will have to make 70% in advance payment.
  • You will have to make 70% advance payment for normal package and 50% advance for premium package.
  • We do not make any refund.
  • Client will have to supply all documents, company logo, Pictures, Content or any kind of information that you want to show in your web pages. You will have to make extra payment for content writing, graphic design, logo etc.
  • You will have to supply all docs/pictures/logo/design requirements/examples and files within 3 working days to our mail.
  • All files should be in soft copy.
  • Pictures formats are jpeg/png.
  • You can change your requirement for once to make a redesign web page, but further changing request will not be accepted.
  • Zencon Technology Limited will upload the website within 5 working days after getting advance payment. But the website will be closed after one month for overdue payment.
  • We train once you: how to change the content/pictures etc.
  • Work Done Policy: Website update process is continuous process, we take as finish work when all content/pictures/supplied documents are done to be seen website.
  • We give you the cpanel/admin password after clear all due payment.
  • If you upload the website to third party web hosting, you will have to clear all due payment first.
  • Annual Maintenance and hosting charge is applied, hosting charge per GB is 2000/- per year, excluding the domain charge. Domain charge depends on its price.
  • Yearly Service charge for content and picture update 6000/- .
  • First month free charge of maintenance.
  • Zencon Technology Limited will not be make any change, add, alter, or any kind of change in website before getting mail from responsible person from its owner.
  • After free service period, If client will need to add any new feature/page, Zencon Technology  Ltd will have the right to add extra charge.
  • ZTL will be responsible only for content management system or web application not for any misunderstanding with the customer and user/visitor for wrong report or content.
  • Zencon Technology Limited has the right to refuse any kind of demand from the customer, which is not included in its service line.
  • Terms and conditions may change upon the consent of both the parties.
  • Client can cancel this agreement any time by clearing all service charges and due payment.
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